Jugendmigrationsdienst (JMD)

Jugendmigrationsdienste (JMD) supports young immigrants aged between 12 to 27 years regarding their inclusion into German society, educational system and the local job market.

Jugendmigrationsdienste (JMD)

  • Ayfer Elbahan

    Ayfer Elbahan
    Jugendmigrationsdienst (JMD) (Deutsch, Türkisch)

    Tel.: 0221 846427-14

  • Aissata Idrissa Abdou

    Aissata Idrissa Abdou
    Jugendmigrationsdienst (JMD) (German, French, Hausa, Djerma)

    0221 846427-11

You can find our office at:

Amsterdamer Straße 232, 50735 Colonia
metro stop Nesselrodestraße (line 16)

We are one of 476 nationwide JMD-advice centers which are founded by the Federal Ministry for Families, Seniors, Women and Youth (BMTSJ).

Both, recently immigrated young people and young people of foreign descent can use our services.

Our case managers give advice regarding the following topics:

  • Education: Information regarding vocational training, professional training, German language courses and the recognition of foreign qualifications

  • Employment: Help for finding a job, vocational training or an internship

  • Bureaucracy: Support with correspondence and communication to and from government agencies and local authorities

  • Consultation of parents, teachers and other attachment figures caregivers.

Furthermore, our consultants are actively working within several networks and committees to advocate for young immigrants’ rights and concerns.

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