Welcome to the “Migration and Refugee counceling” of the AWO Mittelrhein

Anyone who comes to Germany from abroad and lives here has many questions. We support people with a history of immigration to participate in all areas of social life.

AWO Mittelrhein advises you free of charge on the following topics:

  • Professional orientation and job placement

    How and where can I find a suitable job in Germany?
    How and where can I apply?
    How can I have my foreign certificates recognized?
    How can I start my own business in Germany?

  • School, vocational training and academic study

    How do I get a place in school for myself or my child?
    How and where can I find a suitable vocational training position?
    How and where can I apply for a course of study?
    What training opportunities are there?

  • Right of residence

    How can I get a residence permit in Germany?
    How can I get a residence permit for my family?
    How can I submit an application to the immigration authorities?
    How can I change my visa?

  • Asylum law and asylum procedure

    Do I have a right to asylum?
    How and where can I apply for asylum?
    What is the status of my asylum procedure?
    What rights do I have during my asylum procedure?

  • Language

    How do I find a German course?
    What other offers for learning German are there?

  • Unemployment benefit and employment promotion

    Who will support me when I have no job?
    How can I submit an application to the job center or the employment agency?

Due to current events, there will be no open consultation hours until further notice. We offer consultations via phone and / or online.

Please contact us for a personal appointment.

We also advise you in personal, family and economic crisis situations

We speak German, English, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Bulgarian.

Here you can find our counselors …

  • Migrationsberatung für Erwachsene (MBE)

  • Jugendmigrationsdienst (JMD)

  • Persönliche Unterstützung für junge Geflüchtete – KOKIP Teilhabemanagement

  • Regionale Flüchtlingsberatung

Migration and Refugee counceling